Environmental Impact: The Case for Green Brakes

Heard About Non-exhaust Emissions? You’re About To.

Scientists have identified the particulate matter (PM) from brakes, tires, and road surfaces as a dangerous form of airborne pollution, linked to the premature deaths of millions every year. Often referred to as non-exhaust emissions (NEE), these toxic particles are falling under greater scrutiny. In July 2022, the European Commission introduced legislation that will cover PM emitted from brake pads (brake dust) for the first time in its Euro 7 regulations. The U.S. and other countries are expected to follow suit. 

Additionally,  millions of “zero emission” electric vehicles are not exempt from NEE pollution. With brake dust regulations expected to increase in the near future, the automotive industry will be seeking answers. 

Orbis Brakes is ready to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. Our company was founded on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, and through design innovations that deliver cooler performance in lower weight brakes, Orbis can dramatically reduce manufacturing costs, lower the supply chain carbon footprint, and anticipate upcoming regulatory standards for low-emission brakes.