The world’s first low-emission, high-performance brake is about to change everything.

Using revolutionary technology developed with NASA, Orbis Brakes delivers an unprecedented advantage across the brake spectrum — racecar performance at a consumer price. Our line of lighter, cooler, safer, and vastly more efficient Periodic Wave™ disc brakes allow owners to make a major upgrade on the single most important part of their vehicle.

A partnership with NASA shapes the future of braking

The Periodic Wave disc brake is the result of a unique multi-year collaboration with NASA. Enlisting the space agency’s expertise in aerodynamics and heat disbursement, Orbis created a rotor design with a “Periodic Wave” pattern that generates surface cooling, as opposed to  traditional rotors that depend on less effective internal venting. The design allows heat to be shed from spinning objects, transforming a simple piece of low-cost iron into a high-performance, aerodynamic technology that cools 2x faster than conventional brakes, while reducing pad wear,  brake dust, and  dangerous brake fade.

Orbis NextWave packaging

Orbis Brakes delivers an unprecedented advantage across the brake spectrum. Our line of lighter, cooler, safer, and more efficient Periodic Wave™ Disc Brakes allows owners to make a major upgrade on the single most important part of their vehicle, the brakes. Driven by innovation, collaboration, and real-world solutions, Orbis is changing the braking equation.

Cooler brakes. Greener planet.

High efficiency has other rewards. Requiring 50% less iron than conventional brakes, Orbis Periodic Wave disc brakes will significantly reduce the carbon footprint from mining, in addition to improving vehicle range and fuel efficiency. Our unique design significantly reduces brown emissions –  the particulate from brakes, tires and road surfaces considered exponentially more toxic than tailpipe exhaust and expected to become a major regulatory issue in coming years. 

Orbis Brakes Products

NextWave brake


Superlight disc brake rotor and pad offering carbon-ceramic performance at a fraction of the cost, while reducing environmental impact. Compatible with factory calipers and pads.

$1,499 MSRP per pair (front)

$1,099 MSRP per pair (rear)

EcoWave brake


Environmentally driven and consumer-priced high-performance replacement rotor and brake pad, engineered to reduce brake dust and related emissions from everyday passenger cars and light trucks.

$399 MSRP per pair (front),

$299 MSRP per pair (rear)


Lighter, cooler, high-performance replacement rotor, with a monoblock aluminum caliper, and high-performance vented pads optimized for the Periodic Wave™ technology.

$3,499 MSRP per pair (front)

$2,499 MSRP per pair (rear)


Revolutionary integral wheel rotor and brake system delivering the lowest unsprung weight of any wheel assembly in the industry. Ideal for today’s EVs and racing cars.

Set of four including bespoke wheels, centerless rotors, inside-out aluminum calipers, high-performance / low-dust emitting brake pads, and associated hardware. MSRP TBD.

Orbis Brakes: Driven to Change


We believe that new ideas only become solutions by delivering true value. The Orbis commitment to innovation is driven by solving real-world needs.


Our best ideas get exponentially better when we add the expertise of others. Orbis collaborates with forward-thinkers from inside and out the automotive industry.


We understand that what we do affects the safety of our customers, the trust of our stakeholders, and the health of our planet. At our core, Orbis values working for positive change.


We take pride in products that help the world, policies that reward our employees, and practices that enhance our communities. Orbis products are designed and manufactured in the U.S. by people earning a real living wage.