Orbis Brakes: Ahead of the Curve

Answering to consumer-driven demand, OEM opportunity, and a changing regulatory climate, Orbis Brakes is uniquely positioned to deliver the Future of Braking.

High-performance Integral Wheel
and Brake System

    • Revolutionary integral wheel rotor and brake system
    • The Track Star: engineered for racecars, EVs and exotics
    • Why? The lowest unsprung weight of any wheel assembly in the industry
    • Demonstrates lighter, cooler, safer Orbis performance in the most demanding cars and conditions
    • Brings manufacturing and environmental benefits to the high end of the brake spectrum

Environmentally Driven, Consumer-priced Replacement Brake

    • Groundbreaking replacement rotor, caliper, and brake pad
    • Engineered for everyday cars and trucks
    • Lighter and cooler than comparative brakes
    • Significant reduction in brake dust and related emissions
    • Zero dangerous brake fade
    • Delivers advanced performance to affordable brakes
    • Massive long-term environmental benefit